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A modern and exclusive 3D printed coachbuild,
full of personality

Top model

Cara, the new feminine interpretation from Viba. « We are always inspired by woman names, and what they represent to imagine our creations. Wether fictional like Lara and Qora, or iconic like Jane ».
The mysterious elegance of the model Cara Delevingne leads the news lines of the BMW Nine-T, redesigned by the french creative atelier. An almost English charm thins the dark aesthetic of the German, reminding how the it girl managed to turn the head of the fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld.
Viba is still flirting with the fashion by closely working with the French leader in additive manufacturing, Erpro Group, to print the various parts; the company produces one million mascara brushes for Chanel, each months.

Elements expressing Cara’s unique character were designed and developed by Viba, then produced by Erpro 3D Factory, guarantee of absolute reliability. Erpro Group has been working for a long time in the automotive and aeronautical industries. The two companies are tied around a project, Cara, announcing one of the future of motorcycle preparation: the “savoir faire” of Viba’s designers combined with the expertise of a modern company able to fit with precises and uniques manufacturing’s processes.

Among the major parts, the handlebar of Cara immediately attract attention. Completely redesigned, it was printed in one aluminium piece, tapered with dimensions allowing to preserve the Nine-T driving position, and mount the combination switch. It’s also the support of a completely reviewed speedometer, with a custom bracket and a glass, preserving the original instrument cluster.
Another main element, the dynamic side fairing panel elegantly connect the tank to the cylinders of the 1200cc boxer engine.
Printed in polyamide loaded with glass beads for an increased rigidity, these two sculpted pieces subtly hide the LED turn signal indicators, into their air intakes.
The tail fairing has also been completely redesigned to fit with the lowering part of the fuel tank. Also printed in one piece, it takes it’s place around a saddle, which, like the handlebar, keep the original position of the BMW. Realized in bi-injection of silicone, a pattern is shows up on the back, adaptable according to the choice of the customer, and creating an additional personalization opportunity. A graphic touch that you can find also on the fork covers.
Many other parts are creating the overall harmony, such as the headlight rim, the front fender, the sit unit down… all plug & play and all 3D printed in various materials, such as inconel, a super alloy used in aeronautics or competition, with the exhaust muffler. A license plate support will, of course, upon delivery, cover the tire and playing the role of mudguard.

Viba’s savoir faire, already expressed through the Lara, the Qora and the little Jane, define a new personality to the BMW Nine-T. We think of a panther, with it’s stance and black shades, pure and graceful bestiality. She then reminds the mythical biking muscles of motorcycles, from V-Max to the Diavel, wiser than her elders. She belongs in the harmony between empty and full spaces. Cara hides her assets to stir up desire.

The Viba Cara is already available in a limited edition, assembled on demand. It benefits of a speed of execution and a personalization capacity unknown in the industry, thanks to the 3D printing processes by Erpro Group.« Each Viba model is limited to 23 copies, while remaining unique through the different customization options possible. We want to meet customer requirements with the quality and originality we propose. Our motorcycles are rare but remain sensational machines, physical and emotional. »

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Design & Graphic


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Yann Bakonyi
Head Designer / Co-founder

M + 33 (06) 87336558

ZAC du porche
18340 Plaimpied-Givaudins

21 rue du Niger
17000 La Rochelle


Design Studio & Creative Atelier
VIBA, created in 2014, with an approach close to the coachbuilders of the golden age, while using modern tools. Each project is developed and designed in our design studio. The guiding thread of VIBA is to use design to promote new technologies, while retaining a craftsmanship to offer a series or an unique model.

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Yoann Le Guenanff
Communication Manager

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HQ & Erpro 3D Factory
216 Boulevard André Brémont
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Innovation and additive technologies
Founded in 1997, Erpro Group is leader about additive manufacturing in France, for small, medium and big productions.
The company offers a large range of additive manufacturing technologies, together with engineering services ( parametric design, topology optimization), milling, plastic injection, all with high end finishing. Erpro Group is constantly investing in new technologies of AM, allowing to maintain a strong positioning on this growing sector.
The company has around a hundred of collaborators and 6 factories located in France from North to South. Services are covering the major part of the Western Europe.
Historical partner of automotive and aeronautical French and European companies, Erpro considerably diversified in 2018 with the creation of Erpro 3D factory. This start up is behind the largest 3D printing project to date, and produces 1 million of mascara brushes each month, for Chanel.
Erpro Group
Erpro group