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World exclusive aluminium 3D printed fuel tank for a modern coachbuild on one of the most iconic bike

« There was a little girl », here is what people will say after seeing a Jane by VIBA down the street. Without further references to Jane Fonda or to the drama which made her famous, of course …

Designed from the new generation of the iconic Honda monkey, Jane, playful, could not take herself too seriously, as John Lennon or the Jackson Five, driving feverishly the iconic version from the 70’s. But melancholy ain’t Viba’s business, and because it seems ridiculous to associate mobility and austerity, Jane is transcending several concepts to unite them : elegance, innovation, design, accuracy, which are essentials to any objects of style. Viba is highlighting the craftsmanship from the 21st century, by the smart use of 3D printing, to find a clean design and simple values, aiming simple mobility, with style and smile.
As world premiere, Jane is featuring an aluminium 3D printed fuel tank, thanks to SLM solutions technology which is part of the project team, and leader about 3D printing machines. Even Audi used their knowledge for some rover parts for future missions on Mars. SLM Solutions and Viba’s designers have joined their savoir-faire to combine design and technicality. Therefore, the fuel tank gets on the sides a specific elegant surfacing.
Besides the weight improvement, the biggest benefit of this technology is to design parts which are impossible to make by another technique as milling, with the example of the front mudguard, integrating a voronoï structure where the lenticular headlight is, or even the levers with turn signals integrated.
The front rack, heading front, host a shopping bag, and represents the spirit of Jane : convenient, stylish, technical and playful. It’s also printed with a 1.5 mm thick aluminium. In the same way, the saddle is dressed with an anthracite grey linnen, highlighted by a trendy orange strap.
If Jane is more Neo than Retro, it goes further the technical aspect to make natural desires simple: move gracefully, make everyday life easier with elegance. Based on the production Honda Monkey, Jane is developing this mischievous and light spirit, keeping this bike qualities, suitable to modern life conditions. It remains accessible to everyone with the low saddle height, the small optimized low consumption engine, or the reliability of all parts allowing moving without limits.

Jane is not an original concept intended to finish in the museum of no-future prototypes. A small production strengthens the purpose of Viba, based on the elders Lara and Qora. Orders will be assembled on request during 2019 season. Jane is impatient to overrun coasts roads and urban centers to share it’s idea of freedom.

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VIBA, created in 2014, with an approach close to the coachbuilders of the golden age, while using modern tools. Each project is developed and designed in our design studio. The guiding thread of VIBA is to use design to promote new technologies, while retaining a craftsmanship to offer a series or a unique model.

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