Unleashing the Cat's Eyes Spirit

Commissioned by Honda Nouveau Monde La Rochelle dealership, Sylia was born as a tribute to the manga and anime series created by Tsukasa Hōjō. If you were in your twenties when the Hornet 600 was released in 1998, the name definitely rings a bell, doesn’t it? And how about the Kisugi sisters? Yes, it’s Cat’s Eyes!

It all start with a custom color: a captivating eggplant purple reminiscent of Sylia’s distinctive outfit. This mysteriously deep hue is complemented by an 80s-style holographic decoration proudly displaying the motorcycle’s model: Honda Hornet (ホンダホーネット in Katakana Japanese).

However, this transformation of the Hornet 750 has gone beyond the mere aesthetic aspect of a paint job. The front end and cockpit underwent a complete overhaul, featuring a subtle round headlight as an homage to the original Hornet model. The front fender has been redesigned for a seamless flow with the tank covers, enhancing the motorcycle’s aggressive appearance. The brake disc covers, inspired by the adrenalin of MotoGP, add a cyberpunk touch that is also found at the rear with an exclusive wheel cover, made from a single block, that visually widens the bike’s stance. The dashboard has been carefully relocated and integrated into the tank thanks to an ingenious bracket. The rear has been fitted with an elegant seat cover reminiscent of a luggage rack, while the tail light, with is three integrated LED strips, pays homage to the three sisters of “Kyattsu Ai” completing the transformation.

With its blend of nostalgia and innovation, all VIBA custom parts were 3D printed, Sylvia (aka Rui – 泪 来生 – in the original version) is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression, just like sisters in the manga.

"Sylia's meticulous attention to detail transforms the Hornet."


3D printed tail light
with integrated LED lights

3D printed seat cover

One-piece 3D printed
Aerowheel cover

ホンダ  =  Honda
ホーネット  =  Hornet

relocated dashboard with
3D printed bracket

3D printed headlight fairing

3D printed Front fender

3D printed brake discs cover

"Inspired by the agile and fearless eldest sister, Rui (or Sylia in some translations), Viba turned the Hornet into what they thought she would ride."