Enhance style and performance with two pipes and water repellent SprintFilter® air filters. Easy installation, no modifications. Compatible with OEM engine software, ensuring optimal performance.
Designed to be fitted to Triumph Bobber 2017+.

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Technical informations

Pipe Plug&Play

Fixation for AIT sensor

Water repellent air filter

In the box

Each AirFlow kit, comprises precisely engineered components: two high-quality pipes and two cutting-edge SprintFilter® air filters with water-repellent properties, safeguarding your engine from the elements and enabling peak performance in any condition.
Installation is a breeze with our user-friendly design, and you’ll have your Viba AirFlow kit seamlessly integrated into your Bobber without any irreversible modifications. Thanks to the advanced “self-learning” OEM engine software of your Triumph Bobber 2017+, there’s no need for costly additional maps or fuel units.

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